Hey Friends! I’m Malanie. I’m twenty-five and I am currently located in the DMV. I’m living the dream and following my passion for making the world more beautiful. I’m a proud dog mom of a pitbull pup named Nola, who stole my heart five years ago. I am a sister to three and an aunt to nine. I dream of traveling the world, exploring new cultures. I am always looking for growth in all capacities of my life. I’m inspired and highly influenced by traveling, new experiences, creativity and spirituality. 

I live a high-paced, active lifestyle, so I decided to create my site to help me stay well balanced. My passions, goals, thoughts and dreams all in one place. My Vision Board!

xo || Malanie

Recent Posts
  • Ocean City for First Timers

    Ocean City for First Timers

    Ready for a get-away? I spent this past weekend relaxing in Ocean City, Maryland! If you’ve never been, go ahead and add it to your to-do list. Ocean city is …
  • Happy Birthday, Nola

    Happy Birthday, Nola

    Nola Bear is four! I can’t believe four years have gone by since my sweet girl graced us with her presence. It feels like just yesterday she could fit in …
  • Maybe Faith

    Maybe Faith

    Maybe faith is stupid. Maybe it IS for the weak, or the ones who feel they have nothing else. Maybe every day is a struggle for them. Every day they …