A Romantic Dinner at Komi, D.C.

A Romantic Dinner at Komi, D.C.

Back in October, B surprised me with dinner at Komi for my 26th birthday. Komi is an Italian/Greek inspired restaurant owned by Chef Johnny Monis. It is located at 1509 17th St. NW, in Washington, D.C. Komi is named after a family vacation spot and the hometown of Monis’s parents. So why Komi? The food is impeccable. Komi delivers this exquisite meal in a progression of flavors starting with a few smaller, intricate bites and working the course of the meal into heartier dishes. A fifteen-course prix fixe, starting with a taste of brioche topped with trout roe and delivering a crisp, but tender lamb shoulder as the main course. Theres no question we dipped into fine dining with this one! Following our main dish with warm, fluffy pita and a fruity sorbet topped waffle, there’s no doubt you’re leaving Komi overly satisfied and completely stuffed. The service is almost as astounding as the food. Komi’s staff really pull together a total team vibe to serve and present every wine and dish with knowledge and poise. At $165 a person and $85 for an added wine pairing, Komi doesn’t disappoint.

It was such an amazing experience and very romantic! We spent almost three hours sipping on fine wine, and savoring every moment. After an incredible birthday dinner, and an extensive wine pairing, we nearly stumbled our way to our stay. Komi was one for the books.

xo, Malanie

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