Malanie Ross



I’m Malanie, & welcome to my blog! I am currently located in the DMV, just on the Maryland side.  I live with my sweet pitbull pup, Nola, who stole my heart six years ago. I keep busy following my passion for making the world more beautiful, everyday. I am a sister to three and an aunt to nine. I dream of traveling the world, exploring new cultures, and spreading mental health awareness.

I decided to start my site as a creative outlet and a place to share all of the things I love. A space to focus on what I am truly passionate about, and to reflect on and appreciate the little things without letting them pass me by. I am passionate about mental health, self-care and living a more conscious life. I am always longing for growth in all capacities of my life. I find inspiration in traveling, new experiences, creativity and spirituality.

I hope you will also find some inspiration here today. Thanks for following along!





xo, Malanie

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