COVID-19: Keeping Busy

COVID-19: Keeping Busy


     Who could have guessed we would all be “social distancing” our way through the spring of 2020? We had no idea what was ahead of us regarding COVID-19, and unfortunately I think that’s still the case. Many businesses have closed down, leaving millions without pay, while our essential businesses are being overworked with underpay. As a hairstylist, my income is appointment based and I spend all day very close to many different clients. I am truly starting to realize just how social my profession is. From meeting one on one with anywhere from 5-10 clients a day, to just 1-2 people for this whole quarantine, it’s safe to say I’m getting a little stir-crazy. I am currently on day 62 of quarantine and as an extrovert who does not have a job that can be performed while social-distancing, I am doing my best to stay busy, feel productive and keep my spirits lifted. Here are some of my favorite quarantine hobbies:


     Tennis is such a great way to get out of the house and still stay distant from people. Luckily for me, Jake and I both love to play tennis (even if he’s way better than me, lol). With plenty of hand sanitizer and lysol, we have enjoyed quite a few hours on tennis over the past few weeks.


     Being cooped up inside is the worst. I go stir-crazy faster than anyone I’ve ever met. Spending an entire day inside and at home was so rare for me, until now. Now I have to find ways to get out and beat the stir-crazies but stay socially distanced. Long walks with Nola are key. We have spent hours walking the local trails and through the cemetery. We even spent some time visiting my grandparents and great grandfathers grave.


      So here’s a fun story.. Jake likes to ride his bike to work, weather permitting. The other day he suggested we go on a ride together and take the path he takes to get to work. He wanted to share this experience with me and I was all about it (how romantic, right?!). I said, “That sounds fun! I haven’t been on a bike in at least 10 years!”

14.4 Miles later… I was so exhausted, but it did take up some time and it was still pretty romantic. But he’s still dead to me. And despite what I keep telling Jake, I see quite a few bike rides in our future.

Board Games:

     Board games are the best! Malanie a month ago probably wouldn’t have the same enthusiasm, but new pandemic, new me… & this Malanie loves them. Particularly, Catan (& don’t worry, my friends have already hated on how “nerdy” I am now, lol). Catan gives you a false sense of productivity, as you move through the game, developing territory while trading and acquiring resources. All while sipping on your favorite wine or cocktail (because that’s the only way to do this right).

A new one we just tried is Coup (The Dystopian Universe). Coup is a fun and quick game full of bluffing. We’ve done some vocal refreshing with Bananagrams and of course, Cards Against Humanity.

Nintendo Switch:

     Im a huge fan of the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossings New Horizons was released a week into quarantine which has an option to play with friends so hey, that’s something good for socialization! Plenty of Mario Kart and Super Mario going on in this house too.

Cooking & Baking:

     This is an awesome and dangerous one. I’ve planned out our meals weekly to make grocery shopping less frequent. I have also found a new love for repurposing leftovers and creating a whole new meal out of them. These are both great! The dangerous part is the baking. In the first week of quarantine we made cinnamon rolls from scratch and my god, they were amazing. Luckily, Maddy’s sweet tooth helps with their lasting temptation.


      I’m obsessed with self-help books. Self-love, self-care, self-awareness.. All of it. I just finished reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (and its on sale right now!!). A book for women about all of the lies we tell ourselves. I also recently finished The Defining Decade by Meg Jay. A client gifted me this one for valentines day (my clients are seriously the best!). 10/10 would recommend this book to anyone in their 20’s. Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, maps out this confusing stage of life showing us what’s important, what we should be focusing on and how to build a better future.


      Journaling is my life line. I grew up always having a diary. Granted, it was full of stuff like my daily crush, latest adventure & what I had to eat that day (and sometimes its still the same stuff), but releasing my thoughts and clearing my mind as i’m writing them out is so cathartic. I fell out of journaling during my teenage years, which is probably when we all need it the most, but picked it back up over the past few years. Journaling has become something completely different for me now. I look through my old journals and wonder if I thought I was the real gossip girl. Now its a place that inspires me and supports my growth. My darkest moments and deepest discoveries, the truths that shape me and inspire my brighter moments, all in the same place. Im quick to grab my journal when I am feeling low, but grabbing it when I am feeling high is a bit more of a challenge for me. We love to share bad experiences with the world, but we often forget to give gratitude to the wonderful ones. Thats something i am working to bring balance to.

How are you staying busy this quarantine? Leave me a comment below!


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