Maybe Faith

Maybe Faith

Maybe faith is stupid. Maybe it IS for the weak, or the ones who feel they have nothing else.

Maybe every day is a struggle for them. Every day they wake up, barely hanging by a thread, and maybe faith is the only thing that keeps them going. Maybe having that faith & believing that one day things will be better, is exactly what they need. Maybe there will be a day when they wake up and jump out of bed, with a huge smile on their face and chipper attitude toward the world. Maybe one day they won’t be glued to the comfort of their bed, fighting their own depression & demons, and they will finally be able to “rise and shine” every morning. Maybe having faith that ONE DAY life will be simple, liberated and kind, is the only hope they can have; Maybe it’s the only thing that stops them from throwing in the towel and letting life, or maybe those inner demons, win the battle.

Maybe they need faith more than they need your opinions; Maybe they need faith to accept and understand your opinions. Maybe without faith, you wouldn’t want to be a part of their world. Maybe you wouldn’t even recognize them, because faith is what makes their world spin. Maybe at the end of the day, faith is really all they have. They look around the room, full of half-assed commitments and empty promises, realizing the only thing they every truly had was their self and the faith they carried along with them.

Maybe faith is nothing to you, but who’s to say it’s not everything to them? Maybe all of you matters more to them than you know; your values, opinions and beliefs. And maybe you don’t realize the way your words will shape them. Maybe when you feel they don’t respect your beliefs, the problem is, in fact, they respect them almost too much. Maybe your views and beliefs are processed so thoughtfully, that it affects them in a way you didn’t comprehend. And maybe this “disrespect” you feel, is actually them gripping on to their own beliefs, consistently reminding their self just how hard they’ve worked on them. Maybe the thought of shifting those beliefs subconsciously, due to the influence you have in their life, terrifies them.

Maybe they have spent the last few years figuring out who they are and what they stand for; & the thought of you inadvertently changing that with your “boyish charm” scares the life out of them. Maybe they fear that accepting you and all you believe in, will leave less ground for the person they have worked so hard to become.

Maybe that’s crazy; Maybe faith really is for the weak.. But maybe, that same faith is the sole reason they overcame and made it to the much stronger person they are today; The person you’re so quickly falling for.

& maybe they need faith more than ever, with the way it feels falling for you…


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