Ocean City for First Timers

Ocean City for First Timers

Ready for a get-away?

I spent this past weekend relaxing in Ocean City, Maryland! If you’ve never been, go ahead and add it to your to-do list. Ocean city is located on the east coast, 150 miles away from Washington DC, and a straight shot east, just 100 miles from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Nothing beats the Maryland crabs and outstanding boardwalk in Ocean City.

I had such an amazing time celebrating B’s first trip to Ocean City and helping him gain some true Marylander status this weekend! The weather called for nothing but thunderstorms the entire weekend, but to our surprise we had beautiful weather the whole trip; Nothing but clear skies and sunshine. We even found ourselves cooling off in the ocean. We spent the weekend checking off a first timer list we made, full of Ocean City’s best.

Here’s a few from our must-do OCMD list:

1. For starters, Soak up the Sun on Ocean City’s beach!

2. Enjoy a cocktail at Seacrets, a distinguished beach bar in Ocean City. A total beach vibe, day or night.  

3. Build a sand castle, or in B’s case, a defense wall from the tide lol

4. Take a stroll down Ocean City’s boardwalk and make sure to stop for Thrashers fries, you’ll thank me for this..

5. You have to have Maryland Crabs, of course!! With so many awesome places to get crabs, its hard to choose. We picked OCM this trip. 

And it’s even better when your friends, who are also vacationing, join in.

6. And lastly, The Fractured Prune donuts; the best donuts you’ll ever have!

I had an awesome time on our quick weekend getaway. The weather was amazing and my company was even better. The perfect refresher in between the work weeks. I’m ready to go back!


xo || Malanie

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