This past weekend we went up to our cabin in Hillsgrove, Pennsylvania for Father’s Day. The cabin has been passed down through every generation since my great great grandfather. I grew up at the cabin and it will always be one of my happy places, but I don’t think anyone loves the cabin as much as my dad.

It’s a small little cottage up in the mountains near Loyalsock State Forest. It’s in the woods on a few acres of land and Loyalsock Creek runs through the property. It’s really secluded and is totally off the grid without any cell service or wifi. It’s the definition of serenity!

I love taking Nola there and watching her natural instincts run wild. She adores the water, even though she wouldn’t actually get in, lol. She spent all day running back and forth on the rocks and through the woods, exploring the cabin. She was a very happy pup this weekend.

We spent most of the day by the creek and ventured through Loyalsock State Forest to see the waterfall and the overlook. We spent our night telling stories around the campfire, just relaxing under the stars and enjoying each others company. I couldn’t have had a better weekend ♥ Here are a few pictures from my perfect getaway. Enjoy!

xo || Malanie

What we call “the beach” of Loyalsock Creek

Selfies by the creek

Nola loving the creek!

Marc and I relaxing by the water

Tubing on the creek

Dry Run Falls

HighKnob Overlook

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